What are the leading affiliate marketing companies?

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or have been signing-up to programs for some time, it’s always worthwhile to take a step back now and again to review the bigger picture. Market research should play an important part of your promotional strategy, so it is always beneficial to have a finger on the pulse. When it comes to planning your own development, always keep one eye on the current success stories in this industry.

If you can answer the query about who the best affiliate marketing company is at the moment, then you can tap into ancillary questions. What products are they promoting? What is their captive audience? How do they tap into this customer base?


Clickbank is undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the affiliate marketing field. Having been operational for more than 17 years, they have a long and distinguished track record. One of the reasons for their continued success is the type of product they focus on: digital information. This is an aspect of marketing that is never going to go out of fashion, and as the means of extracting and quantifying data continues to expand alongside evermore sophisticated technology, so the demand will show no sign of abating.

Easily one of the largest advertisers in the globe, Clickbank has a vast database storing in excess of six million individual products, with a potential base of 200 million customers from Alaska to Zambia. A quick skim of their current home page reveals the diversity of products we’re talking about: organic shakes, singing lessons, language-learning software and keyword research/competitor analysis software. The latter is clearly designed at the ever-increasing affiliate marketing community, while there is no end of virtual ‘self-improvement’ platforms, covering everything from dance classes to body-building exercises.

The Clickbank website is very well laid out, streamlined and functional, ensuring you can readily track down whatever product would be most suitable for your own business interests.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate by Conversant is an affiliate network capable of reaching out to millions of online consumers. Lessa marketing company than an umbrella organization of related companies, the enterprises amalgamated by CJ Affiliate includeMediaplex, Greystripe, Dotomi, Commission Junction and ValueClickMedia. Again, the central ethos is providing the basic tools and inspiration for budding entrepreneurs to get a foot up the ladder of this business model. Essentially, this is a way of tapping into a well-established network to assist with the promotion of products, rather than placing the entire onus on your sole trading efforts.

One excellent aspect of the service offered is the ability to find out further background information and market analysis about the network. You can tap into reports by the top publishers and advertisers as they discuss the results they have been able to generate after running programs on this network on a pay-for-performance basis.


Amazon Associates is another huge player on the affiliate marketing stage. Now the largest Internet retailer in the USA with branches across the globe, Amazon offer affiliate programs on a vast range of items, from e-books to furniture. With over a million products to choose from, this advertiser is perfect for novice marketers because they have been nurturing customer bases across their diverse range for some time.


While many of us will have used eBay to sell privately, what is less well-known is that the online auction company also runs an affiliate network, offering all sorts of excellent gadgets and add-ons for affiliate marketers. Their tools, tracking, and reporting software are indispensable aids for anyone embarking on this form of e-Commerce.


TopOffers is a young but very fast growing affiliate CPA network. Starting as a unique affiliate for all the online dating platforms of TogetherNetworks family, TopOffers has very fast become a leader of the dating affiliate. Providing more than a hundred offers for affiliates they are constantly enlarging their network and implementing bonuses for new partners like a 1000$ bonus for the new partner that can generate 10 000$ revenue with the first three months. This year TopOffers was nominated for the Best International CPA Network by and for the Best CPA Platform of the Year by


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Written by David Elmers