US imposed $ 200 billion new tax on Chinese products – Trade War at Peak

Washington: US imposed $ 200 billion new tax on Chinese products, which is the 3rd tariff on chines products during the current year. Taxes have been introduced more than 5000 items. The taxed taxes will apply from September 24, where it will start from 10 percent to 25 percent next year.

US President Trump said that it is the answer to China’s on unjust trade practices and we have been very clear about the changes needed and china has been given many chances for changes needed but china did not change itself.

Donald Trump further warned that if the china showed resistance on this, the United States would immediately follow phase 3, which means that he will put more than $ 267 billion taxes on Chinese goods.

Be Clear this is the third tariff on Chinese products during the current year, In July, the United States increased the tariff on Chinese goods worth $ 34 billion and during the last month, the US imposed 25 percent tax on $ 16 billion in second phase, however, this is the highest tariff in the recent tariff.

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