The New Chairman – part 9

As I mentioned, getting Pud as Chairman paid dividends.   He was the Universal Scorn.  It  was placing  a spoiled six year old in diapers put in charge of the company.

His behaviour garnered bad publicity all around.  This had Pud attacking the reporters and the agencies they worked for instead of focusing on the business.

This meant, we came and went as we pleased, did as little as possible, reaped as many benefits as able.

When Dougie’s contract was up, he didn’t renew.  He left to take charge of one of our most popular private  contractors.

Dougie said;

“I’m going to legitimise the company, then sell it.  This will explain my wealth.”

We got Jeff to replace him.  He was ‘one of us’, had worked under Dougie and had reaped a bit of profit, which he’d now be able to increase.

We agreed with Dougie’s mode.  Ken, Tanya and I also decided  not to renew our contracts, take over one of our ‘private contractors’  then sell it.

Aware that once I left the job I’d have to leave the city, I decided to liquidate.

I began selling my furniture, my large appliances,  and moved into a cheap furnished apartment taking only what I needed.


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Written by jaylar