Special needs students get hands on training at a candy shop

I am amazed to see that the Westboro Public School system has this special program with students whose age range is from 18 to 22 years of age who have special needs to get hands on work experience at a candy shop in Massachusetts that opened for business a few months ago called “The Sugar Shack”.

The students that come from the Westboro Public School System participate in this program as a way to develop their skills on serving customers in the roles of cashier, stocking the shelves and other lines of work inside the store that receives money to keep the program afloat from donations from the businesses and the citizens around the world.

What I have learned is that just because a person has a physical or mental handicap, it does not stop them from using their work skills to earn a living working in a nice environment like the Sugar Shack since are more reliable as employees since they are thankful to be given a chance to serve their communities.

The powers that be that run the “Sugar Shack” are hoping that the store and project will be successful that the need of donations from the public and businesses to keep the program going.


My wish that there are going to be more programs like this one around the school systems worldwide since everyone just wants a chance to use their God given talents to assist others.



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