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Second Hand by oscarps

The term second hand refers to an object, which may be material or conceptual, which is transferred from one person to a second, or subsequent to the initial user. Second hand can also simply refer to it is no longer in the same condition it was when it was first acquired, it can also refer to an object having passed the

Manufacturer / wholesaler / retailer to the consumer even if the latter does not use the product.

Buying second hand has the main advantage the price, since it will always be cheaper than a new item. Let us add that it fills us with emotion to find what we have desired or sought in a more accessible way; For example clothes, all the time are turning the fashions, so we can take advantage when we find a garment that we wanted. As in this way we also contribute to take care of the environment with the theme of recycling.

Within the disadvantages we find that sometimes it takes us a long time to find what we are looking for or need. Or find two items the same and not be able to make returns or changes; Since these places or establishments do not handle a stock, we will always find different things.


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