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Protests Across America to End Lockdown


Protests in America include Texas, Ohio, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Virginia, Michigan, and Minnesota. But only three were liberated. 


What do you think?


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    • it isnt about the virus, dumdum. that is why trump only liberated 3 states, who just wanted and needed to work. the other states protesting were against everything, including the toxic vaccines and the microchip. this is proof…

      • Yes, pharmac in New Zealand has a lot to answer for and also what they are forcing the elderly to take in medicines in rest homes is criminal.
        I don’t know much about America but they give people sleeping tablets that duplicate the symptoms of dementia and lose all their human rights, which is wrong. Its been happening here for years. Cant say it happens everywhere.
        Toxic vaccines, no one should impose untested vaccines on anyone.
        Definetly protest about microchips..wrong..

          • Here in NZ we just wanted to nip it in the bud, the sooner a cure is found the better. I understand that people with high blood pressure, immunity lacking and those with respiratory conditions are most at risk. Although some think it is only the elderly. I don’t share that view.
            Being safe is important.
            However balance is to be achieved with safety and being able to earn.
            Hard thing for anyone.
            Stay alive is what counts but if being at home compromises the chance to earn, what do you do?
            Perhaps this is the time to use creativity, and I think that is one of the keys.

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