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Am I The Only One Using A Writing Cornerstone?

If you don’t have one, I’m very happy, because once you catch on, and start using one, you will never go to being a writer without one. For a long time, I also flopped around like a headless chicken. At first you’ll feel that it’s all a lot of extra work but when you take a hard look at your everyday life you will see that when you make use of the appropriate cornerstones, those systems tick, tock like the gears of a well-oiled clock and the ones where you are not using their appropriate cornerstones, they’re the ones keeping you up at night.

If you still haven’t guessed what it is, you have to watch my video below.


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    • So, Kim, I gather, that you hadn’t actually watched my video, If you did, however, you would have realized that, while I am referring to a writers “Notebook”, there are hundreds of reference procedures and systems, we all use in an effort to negate chaos in our daily lives.


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