News about Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Pakistan, Africa, and France

TeleSur reports on the Brazil fire. Bolivia uses its supertanker to fight the Amazon Rainforest forest fires. This supertanker plane can carry over 72,000 liters of water. This supertanker plane is a Boeing 747, which is interesting because I recently found out that every on the stock market is down except Boeing.

Activists in over 15 countries are protesting this intentional disaster, hoping that Brazil’s President Bolsonaro immediately resign. Madrid Spain protestors feel it is all about capitalism, which is performed by greedy Zionists. Protests in El Salvador, Colombia, and UK expressed their concerns.

Venezuela meets with Russian officials, discussing alliance with Russia for military assistance and business.

There is other news from Latin America countries.

In Cuba, they work on sea turtle conservation.

Protests in Jammu and Kashmir against the Indian government. India is suppressing Pakistan, and Pakistanis fight back for freedom. India wants to steal Kashmir from Pakistan.

News from Africa, a new Ebola disease.

In Tunisia, a political candidate was arrested.

In Algeria, protestors continue to march for 27 weeks against their government.

In France, protestors the global leaders are creating inequality of wealth, which only benefits the 1% wealthiest, and the poorest 10% are suffering.

In Libya, there were around 400 migrants rescue.


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