More Troubleshooting Tips – 22

Many Owners/Managers/Boards resist change.  Even slight change.  To avoid going through a long argument, you try a ‘special’.

This ‘special’  is supposed to be a one off in recognition of some event.

For example, having a special early opening for the week before Xmas is no change;  it is a ‘one off’.

The customers are told the store will open at 7 a.m and given special ‘sun rise’ vouchers to have 2% off whatever they buy before 8:30 am.

The business can then judge the desire/demand for earlier opening.  Many customers will proclaim how great it is, so that it can be ‘extended’ or reinstituted.

If most customers arrive in that week of earlier opening at 7:30 then the next ‘special’ would start at 7:30 am BUT if there are over ten customers lined up at 7, open the door.

By doing this ‘special’ ,    the business has proof that early opening is desirable.


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