More Trouble Shooting Tips – 44

If a business premises needs to do repairs or maintenance,  the loss of business can be devastating.  

Customers going elsewhere might not return.  The idea that one has a ‘captive’ clientèle is a mistake.

I know of situations in which this was the only supermarket for five miles. It closed for ‘repairs’. As many shoppers worked in other parts of the city, they shopped in those other parts.  The supermarket, once a thriving business, became so non-financial it had to be sold.


During the five days of ‘improvements’ the customers all found other places to go.   Places they liked better.  

The supermarket became more of a shop, where people would pop in for a few small items, not major purchases.

What use were the improvements?

What do you think?

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  1. This is true for many businesses … even the ones online … unless you’ve zero competition…
    and 0 competition usually … haiz … doesn’t care about customer services as much …

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