More Trouble Shooting Tips – 39

Under staffing has its drawbacks; so does over staffing.

Mr. Brown was overstaffed.   He hired people at the lowest rate, so it wasn’t heavy on his pocket.   Being told that he should cut his work force led to a long dialectic.  The Trouble Shooter couldn’t get through to him.

What did was when two unemployed employees got into a fight in the dining room.

There he was, paying eight waitresses when he only needed four.   As no one was sitting in a particular section,  he could have closed it off.   But he didn’t.

Anyone visiting the premises would see that people sat in the section overlooking  the sea or in the Eastern section which led to it.  The Western section, the Norther section, the downstairs area was only used infrequently.

So, the waitresses for the unused section started to argue, they got louder, they then moved into a fist fight.

The diners, hearing the noise, seeing the confusion, packed and left.  Obviously, no bills were paid. Subsequently, the police were called.

As you can imagine, when this hit the news, well, Mr. Brown didn’t need any waitresses or a chef, cause no one came to his restaurant for over a week.

Mr. Brown came close to losing his business because of over staffing.


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