More Trouble Shooting Tips – 38

The problem of ‘staffing’  is either Too few or too many.   

 It is one of those balances that must be focused on.   From the opening to closing, there must be an ‘overwatch’  to insure that the right number of people are deployed at all times.

For example;   this supermarket is under staffed at particular times of the day.   It is not in every section, just select sections which become obvious rather quickly to customers, but NOT to management.

Mornings, for example are the most understaffed times of day.  

This section, which should have a cashier, one clerk on this side and another on that side, has no cashier, and just one person.

The customer popping in on their way to work or wherever will find that they can not be served here.   Hence,  going somewhere else might as well be posted in a large sign.

Management, which doesn’t drag in until way past ten, (although the supermarket is open before nine) has absolutely no idea how many customers are lost.

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