How Howie Survived – 7

Howie, who had gone to college with Stan Satan was sometimes amazed that an equal could treat him as dirt. He decided to ‘earn’ the dirt treatment by not working. Having implemented his three hour a day work paradigm, meaning that he produced work no more than three out of eight working hours,  he felt a little better.

He did not think about work when he was not in the office.   He would not take any calls from the office any earlier than thirty minutes before starting time nor fifteen minutes after quitting.  He shut off his phone at nine p.m.

He bought another phone for his family and friends, and so his ‘work’ phone would be turned on when he was eating breakfast, and off as he reached home.

One Wednesday morning, when he turned on his phone he found a dozen missed calls from Stan Satan, the first arriving at 4:46 am.

As he looked at the phone, it rang again, it was one of Stan’s flunkies, telling him about some activity far from the office he was required to attend. Howie said he had no gas, so the flunkey came to Stan, chauffeured him, stayed with him, and at the end of the activity, dropped him home.

As he ate dinner, Howie sat in a sudden sense of insanity. How dare Satan call him at that time. What if he hadn’t shut off his phone?

He congratulated himself on his foresight for turning off his phone and getting another number.

He also told himself he must leave the office and get another job.


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Written by jaylar

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