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How to spend a weekend.

Robin Biznis July 6.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

I decided to spend the weekend outdoors. 

A fishing excursion for walks for health.
That’s why I will just log on viriliy on weekends, only login, no works.
And I will not be able to watch, bark and comment on your articles.
No large number of people will be damaged because they do not publish articles.
Only elite people.
And to add that I calculated the price of a virile on my case.
It has slight deviations but is the reason that the price varily varies throughout the month.
I state my example.
Last 7 days
$ 0.46
The 409 value of one Virils is when 0.43 / 409 is given is 0.001124
Another example:
Month to Date
$ 0.28
270 Here is the price 0.28 / 270 = 0.001037
Last month when I was worthy I have the following: Last Month
$ 6.33
5737 6.33 / 5737 = 0.0011033
As you can see, the values are different for each calculation.
Whether the value of Virily is small and does not depend on how each of us looks at this site.
For those who say that they are there for entertainment, the value is not important either.
For others who want to make a profit, I think they have to work a lot.
And it takes a lot of free time for that.
All this is a personal opinion and you do not have to accept it in any part or in any form.
I just wrote what I personally think.
Happy weekend my friends.


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