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Former Monsanto CEO cannot tell time

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Former Monsanto Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hugh Grant (not the actor) will need some new vision for 2020 because he cannot tell time.  He has been subpoenaed to testify in a trial that will begin on January 27 at St. Louis County Circuit Court.  This case is the first case in which Grant will be required to testify.  In this case, the plaintiff obtained non-Hodgkins lymphoma from using the weedkiller Roundup that is manufactured by Monsanto.

In the three previous cases that were litigated in California this past year, Grant did not have to testify because he does not reside in California.  However, the headquarters of Monsanto is in St. Louis County, and Grant also lives in St. Louis County.  Since he is a resident of the county, he is therefore under the jurisdiction of the county.

His lawyers attempted to release Grant from the subpoena by stating that he has an out-of-country trip planned for February 9.  This defense proves that he cannot tell time because he will still have 13 days before he leaves to have his testimony scheduled.


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