Factors to Consider before Choosing a Commission Advance Company

Tired of waiting for your commission for months? Well, you don’t have to wait anymore. You can find a solution to your problem by getting in touch with a real estate commission advance company. Such companies can help you to earn your commission faster by providing access to alternative funding.

But before you approach such a company, explained below are a few tips that you should consider to find the one that best suits your needs:

  • The possibility of advancing several deals at a go

Not all real estate companies offer similar services. A commission advance company that can give you an advance for more than one contract is worth trying. Their services are not restricted to the amount and number of advances, but instead, on the terms and conditions of each respective deal.

  • No fee other than discount fee

You should go for a commission advance company that has no hidden fees. For your peace of mind, you should go for a company that has its terms of agreement adequately laid out, thus not allowing room for any confusion and preventing nasty surprises when it is time to pay.

  • Quick approval process

A well-established real estate commission express does not require more than 24 hours to approve your application. In fact, the process should only take a few hours after submitting your paperwork. Once your request has been received, your commission advance should be deposited in your bank account within a short time.

  • No limitations on advance

Ensure you choose a company that does not impose a maximum or minimum limit on the size of the commission that can be advanced. Take note of companies that offer less apparent conditions such as a meager minimum fee. Such cases should raise a red flag.

  • No credit checks as a fundamental requirement

As you continue doing your homework on the real estate advance commission company that will best suit your needs, ensure that the company you’ve selected does not include credit checks as a requirement. Well established companies fund you by a pending commission and a contract of sale, which you sell to them in most cases.

  • Easy application process

You do not want to go through the hassle of choosing a company that has a complicated advance application process. Be sure to go for companies that have an online platform where you can carry out your application with ease. If that is not the case, the company should be able to provide a quick-to-fill application form inclusive of a precise and accurate list of documents that can be quickly sent via fax or email.

  • Go for your best choice

After carrying out all of your research, ensure that you go for a company that will help to enhance the growth of your business without asking you to submit a lot of unnecessary paperwork. The company should be able to help you to expand your business to be of help to you.


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Written by Isabella