Catching Karma – 10

It wasn’t long after that, the divorce came through.

She took the day off work to see a real estate agent about selling the house, then went to a jewelry store where she sold her wedding band and engagement ring.

She traded in her old car for another, using the money from her jewelry to complete the sale.

That evening, driving her new car to her Condo she felt at peace.

As soon as the house sold she’d pay off the loan she’d taken to buy the Condo.

Charley was officially out of her life. Charley and the Charley world were gone.

The house where they’d lived all those years would soon be someone else’s home. The rings she had never taken off from the day they were put on her finger were gone forever. Even the car Charley had helped her select was gone.

Marie had her own life now. A 100% Marie life with no Charley.

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Written by jaylar

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  1. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t get why you talk about karma here? It’s totally perfect if after some time one realizes that did not make the best choice! It’s better to finish this instead of keep on suffering under this conditions.

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