You Don’t Know Everything

If this article stops one person from making an idiot of themselves, I’ll feel blessed.

Some time ago I discussed a premises that was being renovated, which didn’t really need to be. The guy in charge of this was the President of a Board.  I call him Mollusk to give you my image of him.

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Mollusk thinks he knows everything. He speaks in a belligerent kind of voice and acts as if he’s far more educated than he is.

The premises was in good condition. Many of the rooms did not need painting, for example.  But, Mollusk said every room had to be painted, in this commanding voice.  And he decided that as water based paint was cheaper than oil, he would use water based; despite the fact the rooms had been painted with oil based paint.

The Painters, appreciating he didn’t know what he was talking about, exchanged glances.  Any one who asks knows you can NOT but water based paint over oil, unless you sand it.  As Mollusk didn’t know this, they knew he was an idiot.

And in Jamaica, when you find a fool, you ride him bare back.

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The painters set about taking Five (5) days to paint each room.  I could have painted a room in one day. You could have. But as Mollusk doesn’t know anything, they took five days to paint each room. Water paint over oil.

The painters took a job that even a slow worker wouldn’t take twelve days and dragged it to two months. They got paid every day they worked, and double on Sunday.

In five months, the paint was chipping, cracking and flaking.

A normal person would have asked someone who knows about painting, about the various kinds of paint, which was better, if water and oil paint could be used and how, etc.  A normal person would have hired the painters knowing that water couldn’t go over oil, and that a day per room (two coats) was liberal.

A normal person would have visited the site each day to see how the work was progressing.  The painters would appreciate that this was a normal person and done the job correctly on time.

But since Mollusk knew everything, not only was the Board ripped off, but the work had to be redone.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar