Demotivation – 5

Unworking means deliberately doing things to damage the business. It might be deliberately misfiling, it might be removing necessary components.

It might be ‘losing’ a key leaving the bathroom locked, or the key to the office. The actions are such in which if the worker stayed home but received pay, less money would be lost by the business.

Workers practice unworking when they are made to feel inferior, when their salaries are docked in an unjust manner, when rules are enforced which penalise particular employees.

Whatever it is, the employee adopts a policy of ‘attack’.

For example, files which require work are returned to the cabinet with no work done.   Certain products are used which damage the items cleaned.

Something vital goes missing; perhaps thrown in the garbage.

Workers don’t start with the attitude ,it develops over time. It is a natural progression from demotivation.


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