Creating a Freelance Writing Website

I’m no designer, I’m a writer. For ages now I’ve been using this excuse for why I didn’t “brand” myself. The longer I’m in this business the more I’m seeing that branding really does go a long way though. With this in mind I sat down and started creating a web site for branding myself today…

Several hours later and I realize this is a work in progress. I’m not going to have it done today and maybe not even this week. Once I finally do get it up and going I really need to stick to it. I did get my resume updated today though. I think that’ll really help. In doing so I realize I’m more of a virtual assistant — a jack of many online trades — and started thinking I really shouldn’t “limit” myself. With this in mind, I’ve got some other updates I really need to get done… Freelancing really is a lifestyle, one that never ends.


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Written by Brenda Marie H

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