Closer Look at Pedophile Island

Tuesday, 7.30.19

Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island had fake cows and imported palm trees.

Little St. James is Pedophile Island in the US Virgin Islands.  Epstein was planning of building more structures, employee quarters and guest houses in the backyard of this island. He also has another island, Great St. James Island.

It appears that he recently tried to commit suicide inside his prison cell because he was found in fetal position with marks on his neck.

There is a connection with the Royal Family. Prince Andrew has a connection to Epstein. The Royal Family often visit the Pedophile Island. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

Randy Andy is Prince Andrew’s nickname.


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  1. A pedophile with a private island, all kinds of money, and suggestions that he had protections like an intelligence asset, … snobbing around with some very famous people. The whole thing makes your head spin. Good grief.


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