Assange Court Hearing Updates

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Julian Assange Court Hearing starting on February 24th. This Youtube Channel summarize the Julian Assange Case. George Galloway is interviewed. If he is extradited, Julian will face 175 years of prison for exposing the truth about Zionist lies, corruption, and criminal acts. Many argue that this case is just a political case, which cannot extradite the person to USA. (Zionism is a political ideology created by demented people in order to achieve their New World Order agenda, which in involves enslaving the whole earth under One World Government in a totalitarian. These Zionists who want to control others are the 1% elites who are the richest family on earth, and many promote pharmaceutical companies and drugs for the depopulation agenda. (This is why many people are becoming fatter, dumber, and sicker in society so that they will be numb, brain-dead, and easier to manipulate to following the New World Order agenda).


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