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Thursday, April 2, 2020

At 4 pm, I decided to go to the second webinar for today, The Art of the Pivot: How to Quickly Steer Your Company or Product to Revenue. It is hosted by Founder Institute, Jon Greechan and Paul D’Souza. 85 people jumped into the chatbox waiting for the webinar to start. 129 people joined…131…136…140…149…152…172…183…

Business and the economy are changing. Startups will solve problems. Some companies, in logistics, are growing during this time. People at home buy different things. They have different needs. Look for big problems that need a solution. And, deliver on the promise. Opportunities in keeping people safe and healthy, as well as helping others survive and thrive in market current conditions.

Seek out problems that people are willing to pay to improve their lives. It should be problems that people are willing to live with, but they want solutions to help them work it out in their lives.

Seek people who need help in solving these problems

What, Who, How? Revenue models that will work in current market conditions?

What product or service sell well? Add value? Deliver? What needs to change to make it work for you?

Leadership skills: collaborate with a team, redesign narrative, be optimistic, and focus on customers, and improve current situation.

What is your personal narrative? Your business narrative? Prioritize important needs and focus.

Reinvent yourself

Focus on your customers’ needs

Help the deal with this Coronavirus pandemic.

Promote the Benefits of your product or service.

Build rapport and trust, before promote benefits that will solve their problem by presenting the unique, useful and valuable solution. Negotiate and close the deal.

US Vet, living in Hanoi Vietnam, is now selling face masks on Amazon for this Coronavirus Pandemic.

Be your own Multitasking Team, and learn about Product Development, marketing, business development, sales, solution design, and customer support.

Demand in Delivery services and logistics. He is describing the New World Order, where hotels will be converted into cheap apartments. I told you–this Coronavirus Pandemic has to do with the NWO agenda. There will be changes ahead in work, lifestyle, leisure, etc…

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