Analyzing Greta Thunberg

Monday, September 30, 2019

  • I decided to check out a video reading about Greta Thunberg because I really believe she is groomed to do this in order to encourage young people to start a revolution. The woman in this video even mentions that Greta comes from a privileged family. And, I am aware of her family’s acting background.
  • Her image reminds me of The Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen, which is mostly about a teenage girl groomed to encourage other younger people to start a revolution for the New World Order. 
  • She also reminds me of the late Swedish DJ, Avicii, who was also from a privileged because his mother was a Swedish actress, and he was groomed to do the DJ job, traveling all over the world making a lot of money, which made him a cash cow for the media industry. He was eventually killed off because he wanted to quit and move on.
  • Chaos surrounds Greta, as well as deceit, mental anguish, and manipulation. There is a form of destruction behind all this. But she is being protected. She does believe in what she is promoting, but there is more going on than what people see. There is more to it. She had originally built it on her own activism, but there is more to it. There is an emotional instability with ups and downs, which is probably her autism. She feel she can do a lot, and she feels she can make a difference. She is enjoying the attention and public relations, probably because she is from acting and performing family. She fears inaction as well as being called out. Things will get worse for her. She feels she is being attacked and mistreated, probably because of the people she is working for. It is likely going to burn her out because many people are waking up the bullshit scenarios.


What do you think?


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