4 Simple Ways to Achieve financial Freedom

I’ve always wanted to become financially independent. I want to attain a level of wealth where I never have to worry about everyday money problems that plague most of us.

I grew up in humble backgrounds and this fueled my desire to attain some level of comfort and financially security.

From an early age I knew this was the life I wanted. I was tired of having barely enough or just enough in most cases.  And while Ill be eternally grateful to my parents for giving me the best they could,

I knew I wanted a different life and so began my journey to attaining financial freedom.

I yearned for this and so sought ways to attain this and do so legally.

I’m not there yet,  but I have come a long way from the girl who barely had enough.  Now I can provide my needs and those of my daughter and also some of our wants.

Nothing equals the joy I feel when I’m able to provide not just my daughter’s basic needs,  but also a lot of the things kids around her also have.

Here are some money secrets and tips that helped me and I believe they can help anyone who also years for a life of financial freedom and chooses to adopt them.

Four Tips for Attaining Financial Freedom

1. Get Out of Debt

This is the first step to a life of financial independence and one of the most important ones you should take.

From an early age,  my parents instilled the habit of contentment in us. Now,  it was hard being so,  especially watching other kids have so many beautiful things. As I kid I felt they should have tried harder to provide us most of the finer things of life. Now that I’m grown,  I know they tried and I’m also happy for the quality of contentment as it has helped me a lot in life. It helped me to avoid debt a lot,  something I came to dread.

Being in debt doesn’t just put you under constant pressure,  it also robs you of your peace.

If you would like to get out of debt,  here are some steps you can take:

– Stop the habit of borrowing money,  even from friends and family.

– You might need to make some adjustments to your spending habits and mostly stick only to items you need and can afford.

–  Create a budget and stick to it.

–  Enlist someone’s help to help you through it.

2. Draw Up a Budget

I just had to bring out this point just to throw more light on it.

Drawing up a budget will help you a great deal. For one,  it will help control your spending.  Secondly,  you would be able to see first-hand what you spend your money on,  making it easier to cut out unneeded items.

3. Invest,  Invest,  Invest

This is just about the most important tip for attaining financial independence.

When you invest you are setting up your money to work for you. The money goes to work for you and multiplies slightly or exponentially, depending on the investment medium you choose.

You can set up a few investments to run simultaneously, thereby increasing your earnings.

Some great investments you should look into are

– real estate investment

– treasury bills

– stock

4. Set Up an Emergency Fund

Life shouldn’t be all serious with no fun inbetween and this is where having an emergency fund comes in handy.

Emergency fund are helpful in two ways:

– They help take care of emergencies that come up,  so you don’t get under pressure or thrown off-track.

– They can also find most of your wants without you dipping into your investment funds.

There you have it;  four money tips that have helped ordered my life and keep doing so.  They are completely easy to incorporate and if you decide to adopt them,  I hope they help you just as they have me.


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Written by Muobo

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