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WOD – Cycling destination Cloud Gate at Millennium Park – Chicago

With the temperatures being near the fifties, I would have been a fool to not get a workout in outside either on my bike or running on foot.

Cloud Gate – The Bean

I ventured out on the same cycling route that I rode yesterday which stemmed from another Virily user mentioning her writings about Millennium Park. It made me realize that I have not shared any pictures with my readers of ‘The Bean’ which sits in Cloud Gate.

Millennium Park

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Donated by Gene Nelson

The Millennium Monument in Wrigley Square

I have been thinking about this a lot, but as a cyclist, how sweet would it be for bike shops to give maintenance specials throughout the winter months. It we will only bring more business to the bike shop in the long run, so why not?

The temperature felt so good today. Prior to riding, I got rid of my neck gaiter which prevents the cold wind from getting in my lungs. And in comparison to yesterday’s ride, my hands were not as cold which motivated me to share more pictures. I would like to purchase a new pair of gloves in the near future in case the weather continues to be this great before the year ends. Still hard to believe that it is winter and I’m cycling in Chicago.

I always feel so blessed to complete a ride with no hazards in a busy city like Chicago, let alone being downtown. I am a very cautious rider, but it is only for my safety because I am aware of the distractions that drivers have and their urgency to get from point A to point B.

  1. Sunglasses purchased from Dollar Tree 
  2. Jacket by Mizuno 
  3. Tights by Nike

Song by Florence + the Machine

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