What To Do When Tired And Exhausted

Ever feel tired of everything, even the will to live? Do you sometimes or often get exhausted from your activities?

Being tired and getting exhausted are not the same things, but they have something in common, both weary the mind! Exhaustion can be used to describe a very tired person. Anything that causes worry or troubles the mind should not be taken lightly.

What To Do

The obvious and commonest thing everyone does or want to do when tired is to rest, and although same goes with exhaustion, some exhausted folks usually give up on life, as it(exhaustion) is mostly caused by frustrated efforts!


To rest could mean so many things and it has various applications, but basically, it means to relax, to have some kind of tranquility or peace, to subject the entire body system into a comfortable mood, often referred to as resting.

When you want to rest, take a shower or wash your hands, feet, head and face with warm water, but if the weather is hot, use cold (not too cold) water. Look for a quiet comfortable place that has an agreeable weather to you. When you are there,  you have to still your mind, expelling every unpleasant thing out of it. Do some deep breathing (in and out) exercises for a few minutes and concentrate on the pleasant thoughts. Enjoy every bit of it and before you know it, you will drift off to a deep relaxing sleep. When you wake up, you will be refreshed!


Sometimes being truly tired or exhausted can make some people easily drift off to sleep, the moment they sit, or lie down, even if the environment is not conducive! This is saying that sleep is an automatic solution to tiredness and exhaustion!

When you sleep, the whole body rests, even the ever busy mind does little activity in the state (sleeping)!


What do you think?

Written by JerryPeri1

I am a poet, an author, a blogger and a subsistence farmer.
I am enamored by beauty and anything that inspires life!


    • Thanks and yes Albert, I have experienced it, it seems I am even in it at the moment! So did your experience strengthened you? We will always get through it all, won’t we?

      • First time when I was in college. The second time just when I was at the peak of my career, as an executive, as well as a consultant and trainer. The time when I have it all; career, wealth, popularity, and relationships I just saturated and asked for what all this? All of this fake? About two years I alienated myself from the business environment to look for that answer. During that time I met with culturalists, the sage, and mystics who showed me the door to recognize and realize myself. And yeah! We will definitely go through that all, Jerry my pal!

        • Wow, that was great, you sure did the right thing to look for solutions in the right places! You are lucky pal, not so with me, cause I still battle those moments and often, if not always, the solutions I get are temporal, so I am mostly in and out!
          Thanks for being friendly, Albert!!

          • When we want to develop the muscles in our bodies, we train them with weights until the muscles break out and new muscles appear, and so on. So do our mental muscles and spiritual awareness. I’m glad we can share our experiences, Jerry.

          • In the past, all of those questions were also part of my questions until I realized that I alone could answer all those questions. Only with certain people can I talk about all those answers, and not even with those who have obtained the answers first because they will only smile and say, “keep it to you, in your heart,” then “but help someone else look for the door and show it!”