WARNING: The Harms Kids Get When Exposed to Makeup At An Early Age

Makeup is worn by many people because of many reasons. Some think they need it while some think they just want to wear it. Just like anything else, makeup has proper uses and purposes for people who are allowed to utilize it. Yes, not all are able to use makeup, and many people say that little kids must not wear it at a very young age.

Why do some say so? It’s because usually, makeup used for little kids by their adventurous guardians and curious parents are suitable only for adults. There are harmful effects of this especially when beginning at an early age.


Kids’ skin is a lot more sensitive and prone to reacting more to products that do not go friends with them. There are makeup products made particularly and solely for adult use. That’s why parents and guardians who let their little ones use makeup must be extra cautious with reading labels and permitting them to do paint themselves too early.

Unfortunately, using makeup products with unsuitable chemicals can lead to unwanted skin irritations. Because of some ingredients found that come with fragrance and other elements, allergies can also occur and/or get triggered. Obtaining rashes, red skin and an itchy feeling can be signs that the kid’s skin has reacted negatively.

Harsh toxins “necessarily” contained in makeup products are the ones that cause the side-effects of “good” cosmetics. If these chemicals are already bad for adult’s skin, how much more for kids’ soft and delicate skin? Worst case scenarios can eventually be the root of hormonal imbalance and skin cancer.



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Many skin problems such as acne are caused and also provoked by the use of makeup. Even at an early age, let the kid prevent or avoid too much of those stuff. Although those skin issues are part of puberty, the worsening can be at least managed by being careful and mindful.


Although there really are excellent quality makeup products with essential ingredients, still, it cannot be denied that too much of it, too frequent with it and too early for it leave effects on the skin’s natural condition.

The kid’s soft, smooth and blemish-free skin can start experiencing dryness, flakiness and dullness. The skin becomes too used to makeup that without it, the skin can “look” pale and wrinkled easily. Signs of early aging can be visible on the skin.


When a kid starts doing something from his/her young years, you know that he/she can and will most probably bring it until he/she grows up and old. You know that so well because you’ve been there!

Wearing makeup is not bad for some people for some reasons, however, sometimes, getting too used to it does not become helpful anymore. It’s when you are too used to having makeup that you cannot last a single day without it. Some also spend too much time on it while setting aside the more significant things that must be accomplished.

It’s not healthy especially for young kids. You know how they can become stubborn when they do not get what they want, so it is important that while they are young, you teach them discipline and prioritizing. There are more important things that they must be looking after in their life. Putting on makeup should be on a later part of their lives when they truly need it already and when they can really give serious focus on it.



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Makeup has many advantages to those who find it an aid indeed. Using it conceals what one wants and needs to cover. Some people use it for what they consider “presentable look”. Some use it daily because it makes them confident about themselves.

This becomes problematic for kids if they grow up thinking that only if they wear makeup always, only they will always look good and beautiful. They might grow up thinking that the natural and bare face is not very much appreciated, thus, must be hidden. They might think that the society likes those with makeup only or most of the time and not the simple and bare.

This is a big problem of self confidence and identity for the youth. If since they’re young, they get used to the thought that makeup is always needed and always the best, they might be pressured with what the world tells how they look like. It will be hard for them to appreciate natural, and that will be very sad and dangerous.

>>> MAKEUP, NAH. <<<

Makeup is helpful some reasons, for some occasions and for some people. Kids have their own time to grow, have fun and be playful kids. Let them do so before introducing them to things not of their age yet. Although it’s not written in the law, it’s not advisable for kids to be exposed to these cosmetic products too earlier than they should really be.


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy, Australia’s leading beauty brand that offers a wide selection of prestige cosmetics suitable for everybody. Taking care of the skin and keeping oneself hygienic, beautiful and healthy are some of the many topics she writes about. She also does research and shares her thoughts regarding people’s use of makeup and the artistry itself. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be all the glory”


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Written by Nicole Ann Pore

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