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5 Glamorous Gardens to Visit in Newcastle

There’s always some beautiful and refreshing about flower and plant gardens wherever the location is. They are like places of comfort, healing and tranquility...

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What DOUGH You Mean? 3 Nottingham Bakeries with Quirky Names!

Traveling to Nottingham is such a delight in many ways. You can probably list all but not within a day. Stunning visuals and views,...

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WARNING: The Harms Kids Get When Exposed to Makeup At An Early Age

Makeup is worn by many people because of many reasons. Some think they need it while some think they just want to wear it....

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5 Things That Will Make Your EYEBROW SHAPING AFTERCARE Go Wrong!

The eyebrows do a lot to tell about how you currently feel. In a way, your emotions easily affect the movement of your eyebrows....

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9 Ways Exercising Lets You Achieve Not Only Fitness but Also Happiness

Exercising is essential to achieve and maintain good health, wellness and fitness in all aspects. Regardless of sex, culture, nationality, beliefs and anything else,...

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