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The Last Series of Strange Phobias

36. Chaetophobia

There are people who have a fear of hair. I think they’ll have to ensure the head hair is always cut and avoid people whose hair is exposed.

37. Vestiphobia

I don’t know how these people survive whether they’re afraid of cloths in general or several types of cloth fabrics or garments.

38. Ergophobia

We should differentiate those who lazy to work and those who are anxious to go to work. The thought of work makes them anxious even though they want to work.

39. Decidophobia

The fear of making decisions. What if I make a bad decision? What if it fails? This must be one of the toughest way to live.

40. Deipnophobia

The fear of dining with other people. They will try whatever way they can to avoid dinners.

41. Ephebiphobia

This is fear of teenagers. It happens mostly among the elderly. It can be understandable why. Sometimes teenagers involve in actions that can adults have fear of them.

42. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalophobia

Phew? That is a very long word for those of you who might have a fear of long words. Isn’t this funny the phobia and the fear have very long words?

Well, there are many weird or strange phobias out there. These were just a few of them.

Guess what,

The fear of phobias is philophobia


What do you think?

Written by Benny


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