The Drop in Vaccinations

My mother told me how, when she was a little girl at school, she had to show her vaccination before being admitted.   A year later, she remembers everyone being marched to the auditorium to be vaccinated against polio.

There was no vaccination against measles or mumps or rubella.  If there was, she would have gotten it.  Instead, she had to suffer meales and mumps.

When I was little, I got all the vaccinations that were available.  I didn’t like the sticks of the needles, but certainly didn’t want to get any of those diseases.

I didn’t pay any attention to the ‘report’ about vaccination causing autism, as everyone my mother knew, and I knew had been vaccinated, and I didn’t know anyone with autism.

A few years ago, my grandfather, (whose mouth is no prayer book)  said that not being vaccinated was a way to get rid of the least important members of society.  (He didn’t say it as politely as I am writing it.)

My mother, who was angry about parents who didn’t vaccinate their children was hushed.  He told a story about when he was a police detective how they’d come across a shipment of tainted heroin.  How anyone who took it, died.

He revealed that the squad he was on left about half of it behind, so that addicts could put themselves out of their misery.

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Written by Chef Lee

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  1. What your grandfather and his colleagues did would surely count as murder if anyone fell for their trick and died as a result.

    As for the “non-vaxxers”, this is a serious problem, caused solely by a form of paranoia due to the actions of a single individual, a struck-off doctor named Andrew Wakefield. He put it about that the MMR vaccine was a cause of autism, his argument being based solely on the fact that autism often becomes apparent in a child at about the same age as they receive the MMR vaccine. He had no scientific evidence to support his case, which has been soundly debunked by proper scientists.

    As a result, measles cases are increasing and children are being severely affected for absolutely no good reason. It is a tragedy and a scandal.

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