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Take the American versus French Makeup Challenge

Do you prefer American or French Makeup?

American makeup involves smoky eyeshadow, lots of dark and thick black eyeliner, and lots of mascara with full lashes as well as lighter lipstick. They eyebrows tend to also look thick or full. American style is more dramatic and bold. (I don’t like the American style eyebrow). She wears fake eyelashes for fuller lashes. (I have never worn fake eyelash before, or even used a lash curler. Actually, for me, a curled mascara wand gives my eyelashes enough curl).

French makeup involves a light eyeshadow color, simple eyeliner over the top lid, and red lipstick. Mascara also tends to be her less or no mascara. French style tends to be lighter, for a natural appearance. The French eyebrow style tends to be curved and natural.

I prefer a combination of both—smoky eyes, dark lips in red, and some mascara but not too much as well as some blush for some color on the cheeks. But I usually do French style for daytime, while American style for evening and nighttime. I guess I have my own style, which is somewhere in between American and French makeup style, but I am attracted more to the French makeup style.


What do you think?