Ride the roller coaster and get rid of kidney stones

Michigan : American researchers have said that if there is a patient the kidney disease, they should regularly sit in the roller coaster of the theme park because this process can help patients in getting rid of  kidney stones.

A kidney stone patient of Professor David went to Disney World in Florida and came back to see him again. Dr David found stone missing in his kidney. The patient said he was sitting in the ‘Big Thunder Mountain Ride’ several times, But then he sat on the roller coaster several times and one by one, many stones of kidney went out.

After this , Professor David made a silicone model of patient’s kidney and urine system, In which the artificial stones of the kidney were kept and by giving them a human model, tested in many rides and roller coasters. After research, it came to know that the mounting rid and its moving in different angle while riding is very important.

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