Mother with Schizophrenia. Child suffering from schizophrenic parent being loved and hatred at the same time

Narcissists; their Cruelty is Implicit – Part 5

The narcissistic abuser rejoices when you share your wounds, your struggles, your fears.

It makes it easy for them to get inside of your mind.

During the early stages of the relationship you will feel so trusting and open with a narcissist that you share everything with them.

You may see this sharing as a way of establishing rapport, a connection with your partner, a way of being vulnerable and intimate. You probably don’t notice you are doing most of the real info dump.

A narcissistic abuser sees your info dump as dinner being served.

They will pretend to support you and empathize with you when you reveal your secrets, your truth. Later, the Narcissist will use everything you said to provoke you, belittle you and demean during the next stage of the relationship.

Never forget, the Narcissist had no limits, no ‘common decency’.

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