My Therapy Appointment

My appointment with my new therapist today went OK. I go to a therapist for my anxiety. I kept asking my psychiatrist for anxiety meds, but he refused, and set me up with a therapist. Honestly I don’t see how it will help, but I am going anyway. At least it’s someone to talk to about my problems.

The goal we’re working on right now is to quit smoking. Today we talked about possible distractions during periods of cravings and anxiety. She suggested knitting, and offered to sign me up for her knitting class. Honestly, I’m not interested. But I may try it out anyway. Just because my boyfriend wants me to go ahead and do it.

Writing is also on my list of distractions. I am going through a dry period right now though. I haven’t been interested in writing for weeks. Only just today have I gotten some motivation back. So I am going to make a long list of topics to write about. Including quizzes and polls for Virily. And then just write whether I really feel like it or not.

I also have some other distractions planned out for the next couple of months while I quit. I am going to brush up on my math skills. But first I need to find some cheap math books. I can probably find some on Amazon. I will probably have to start out with pre-algebra because my math skills are terrible. For the longer term, when I feel my math skills are better, I want to take chemistry and physics classes at my local community college. But that is for the future.

Another distraction will be tae kwon do. I can’t afford a class right now, so I will practice the forms and skills I currently know. I will also ask my boyfriend’s father to help me with some new skills and the next level of forms.

I think the main idea to help me quit is to just keep really busy for the next couple of months. I will update my progress as I go.


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