It is Hard to Deal With

It is hard to deal with my mental issues, and it is hard to find someone to talk to about it. I have a therapist but I stopped going to see her because she doesn’t really listen to me. She just wants me to do meditation and yoga, and I already explained to her why I refuse to do that. These are spiritual practices and I’m not equipped mentally to handle that right now. The last thing I need right now is that type of problem. I have enough to deal with just making it day to day.

I have tried to reach out to people on forums, but I think I just come across as needy and everyone avoids me like the plague. I can talk to my boyfriend, but I don’t want to foist my problems on to him, or my family. There is enough stress going on with everyone. I do tell them when I am doing badly, just enough info to keep them informed, so they know to keep a close eye on me, so they can decide whether to take me in to the hospital .

So now I will probably go over to Crazyboards and see if I can get some dialog going over there. I haven’t gone there for a while, because occasionally I will read a post that triggers me. I wish there was a day center around here for schizophrenics, but the nearest one is too far away.

What do you think?

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  1. So sorry you cannot get to one of the centers closeby. And I wish I was closer. I would listen, cannot answer or change anything, but listening is the most important. Feel free to message me on here. I wish you the best. And remember you are not alone.

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