How Not to Give Up on Healthy Lifestyle at College

When the time comes to leave home for college, every student becomes overwhelmed with packing, orientation, and of course – adjusting to their new life. In this big change, it’s easy for your lifestyle to fall by the wayside. College students hardly pay attention to their habits, even when it is obvious that they’re only causing them harm. 

A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy life. Not only is it good for your physical, but also for your mental health. Your academic performance depends greatly on how you live. Even so, many students don’t recognize the importance of healthy living and simply put their healthy habits aside. For some it is the lack of time and for others is the difficulty to adjust. Even so, your health is the last thing that should suffer, especially in such a busy time like college.

  • Do Exercise

Everyone should do exercise. In spite of what many think, this doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. You don’t necessarily have to visit a gym, exercise for an hour, and spend the same amount in transport. 

A little exercise can go a long way for you. The benefits are so grand, you can’t afford not to do this. With regular exercise, you’ll be more energized to do your assignment. If you get into a regular exercise routine, even if it is something as minor as not taking the bus or the elevator, you’ll feel more confident, self-assured, and energized. This will keep you relaxed and reduce the stress. 

  • Have Healthy Snacks with You – Always

Have you heard of ‘brain food’? There are certain foods that provide your body with nutrients that boost your brain’s health and performance. In such a busy time for you like college, some healthy snacks in between study breaks are a must. 

Go to the grocery store and stock up on healthy snacks like fiber-rich foods, salads, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The right nutrition won’t just keep you fit and healthy, but it will also affect your memory and focus, two things really important for college students.

  • Stay Hydrated

For our body to function properly, it needs to be hydrated. Drinking a lot of soda, juice, and other sugary drinks does not keep you hydrated. In fact, those are the things you should be avoiding as much as possible. It can be hard to avoid things like alcohol or coffee while at college, but try to reduce the intake to the minimum. And, whatever you do, always stay hydrated with plenty of water.

  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep

In the rush to write everything in time, students often choose to sacrifice their sleep. Your sleep is crucial for the functioning of your body and brain. Without enough sleep, your brain function will be reduced, not to mention the many negative health effects this can cause.

If you make this a habit, you’ll experience things like fatigue, weight loss or weight gain, headaches, etc. It will keep you from studying effectively, especially if you’re trying to memorize everything a few days before the actual exam. 

One of the best health tips I can give you is to sleep as much as you can’t. Don’t leave everything for the last minute. Sometimes it is best to go online and type: ‘who can do my assignment?’ instead of going to school sleep-deprived.

  • Get Rid of the Bad Habits

Want to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle? Start with the obvious – eliminate all those habits you know are bad for you. Stop smoking and drinking, reduce the caffeine intake, and take care of your health. These are the things we know are harmful, but still do them. 

  • Wash Your Hands Often

Flu seasons come every year and something as simple as washing the hands can make all the difference for you. Even when you aren’t at risk of getting the flu, you’re probably going to be in constant contact with many people during classes, and even at campus.

It is very easy to catch a virus or a cold if you don’t take care of your hygiene. This takes seconds and is the best way to prevent many illnesses, so wash your hands as often as you can.

College is one of the most memorable times of people’s lives. Choosing to attend college will greatly affect your life, but you shouldn’t go through it without taking care of your well-being. This can harm your overall health and even your academic performance. Make sure to find time to do the things above – this should boost your college experience. 

Author’s Bio:

Emma Rundle is a nutrition expert and a yoga instructor. She believes that the key to a better and more successful life is healthy nutrition mixed with exercise. But, before all that, Emma believes that people need persistence and dedication. Without it, none of these changes will be possible.


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