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Here’s a Simple Remedy to Eliminate Toothache

A week ago,  I had a toothache that came with a lot of pain and discomfort. It started two days earlier as a dull throb on my left cheek side which I ignored and went about my regular activities.

However,  by 11pm of the next day,  the pain had intensified.  I felt like it was coming straight from my brain and this gave me great discomfort and also affected my sleep.

I laid there on the bed thorn between fighting off tears and falling asleep. When I could bear the pain no longer,  I went on Google in search of a quick remedy for toothache.

Here’s what I found:

A salt water gargle.

I found other natural remedies that also promised instant relief, however,  the salt water gargle was preferable as it’s made from ingredients readily found in my kitchen.

I sped to the kitchen to heat some water, them added a pinch of salt,  stirred, and gargled with this.

The result was instant and I could feel the pain subsiding immediate. I couldn’t be happier.However, my happiness was short lived as the pain gradually came back. I had to resign myself to gargling with the salt water solution every five minutes.

Luckily,  I woke up with very little pain but chose to repeat the salt water gargle still.

Now I’m completely free of the pain but still making arrangements to see my dentist so I don’t get a repeat.

So….. if you ever find yourself suffering from that horrible leave,  horrible toothache,  you should consider a salt water gargle for that instant relief.


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Written by Muobo

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