Here Are Ways to Keep Diabetes Under Control

In layman’s words, diabetes is simply a condition in which the breakdown process of starch and its conversion to energy is impaired. It occurs when the pancreas is unable to secrete insulin or produce enough of it. Insulin, also known as the anabolic hormone is the biochemical substance produced in the pancreas and responsible for the regulation of blood glucose/sugar levels. When the pancreas is unable to produce this hormone, it leads to what is known as type1 diabetes. On the other hand, type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas secretes insufficient amounts of insulin or when the respective insulin receptor cells in the body are resistant to taking up insulin.

Even though type 2 Diabetes is more common and milder than type 1, Diabetes is one of the most common life-threatening diseases. The disease usually has no known cure. However, getting diagnosed is not a life sentence as it is manageable and treatable; and with proper control of your blood sugar levels, you can lead a long, healthy, and normal life. Needless to reiterate, Diabetes has to be closely monitored and kept under control. But what are the various ways of ensuring this? Here are ways to keep Diabetes under control.

Stick To a Diabetes-Healthy Diet

Ask the best general doctor you know, and they’ll tell you that diet is unarguably one of the best ways to keep Diabetes in check. When suffering from Diabetes, it is advised to take low-calorie foods, get plenty of fiber-rich foods, more green veggies, and lots of fruits in your diet. Your diet should also be lower in sugar, salt, and saturated fats. For your starch source, doctors will often recommend getting your fiber and starch from sources such as quinoa rice, pasta, brown bread, and whole-grain cereals. Healthy protein sources could include skim milk, cheese, and other low-fat dairy products. Although water is highly preferred, you can get your fluids from other sources such as diet soda and fresh (unprocessed) fruit juice if you have to. Avoid junk, processed foods, and carbonated drinks at all costs.

Get a Meal Plan

If you’re finding it hard to keep up with the dietary requirements, it’s best to seek your doctor’s help with a meal plan customized to your needs. From there, you can also check online for reviews of the best diabetic prepared meal delivery services in case you’re the kind of person that has less time to prepare their own home-made dishes. Once you find a good delivery service for diabetics, you can easily avoid the temptations of breaking the diabetes diet rule and keep your health in check.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Blood sugar, apart from diet, can be raised or lowered by a wide variety of other factors, most of which are common lifestyle habits. This means that when you have diabetes, complications are more likely to occur when your body is exposed to such factors. For instance, smoking is known to increase the risk of diabetes complications, whereas alcohol consumption can lower your blood sugar levels, forcing your liver to concentrate more on removing alcohol from your blood rather than regulating your blood glucose levels. Quitting these practices can, therefore, be a major step in keeping diabetes in control.

Exercise Regularly

Especially when done regularly, physical activity has many health benefits in your body, one of them is that it can help improve your body’s insulin sensitivity, thereby stabilizing your blood sugar levels. In addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight, jogging, swimming, or working out in the gym can also help you feel relaxed and happier while relieving stress, all of which are good for your health as far as diabetes is concerned. 

Get Routine Checkups

Remember what we mentioned in the introduction? Well, diabetes needs to be monitored. Even as you get your regular insulin jabs, be sure to check in with your doctor to get your blood pressure, A1C sugar levels, and weight checked as they review your self-care plan, at least twice or thrice a year. You may also want to get a cholesterol exam, liver/kidney tests, and complete foot exam at least once a year on a frequency that your doctor deems fit.

Diabetes is a lifelong disease that claims a huge number of people each year around the world. However, the good news is that despite lacking a complete cure, it is treatable and manageable. Once you accept and know how to live with it, you can keep it under control and lead a normal life. Best used in combination, the above are some of the best ways to keep the blood sugar disorder under control and in check.


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