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Oh, dear Jesus, no! I do not ever want to see another medicine ball again! Hehe, just kidding! I got the urge today to add the medicine ball to my normal abdominal workout routine, since my previous workouts were not giving me much of the burn I wanted. The first thing that came to mind once I seen the medicine ball was Russian Twists! I did 3 sets of 25, and after every set I was out of breath. Luckily because I keep up with my abdominal workouts, so the burn was not too brutal.

After my abdominal workout, I got the chance to get in a 1 mile workout on the elliptical, and a 2 mile indoor bike ride. Upper body workouts consisted of 17 pull ups, and 30 repeats with 50 pounds, 20 repeats with 70 pounds, and 15 repeats with 90 pounds on the chest press machine.

I ended this work out with a .50 mile jog in place and jog around the gym.  I like the idea of working out in the gym more to burn calories versus working out for a specific time frame or distance. With winter right around the corner, I feel that it would be beneficial to burn more calories, since in the winter I will have to appreciate every moment I have in the gym because of the possibility of being snowed in for the day, or the gym being closed.

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