Monday early morning, 1 am, 12.31.18

Start your new year with doing your own gym. Customize your own exercise program and gym to fit your personal needs and environment.

5 Requirements:

  1. Good sneakers–jog, walk, and/or hike at your local area. Sometimes, it is a good change to get your exercise outside, especially when you work at your computer all day.
  2. Blender and/or Juicer–create a combination of meals and smoothies with veggies and fruits.
  3. Computer–Youtube has all kinds of exercise videos and tips as well as vegan and vegetarian recipes.
  4. Dumbbells–Everyone should have one pair of dumbbells. Mine are 5 pounds. It’s about the repetitions.
  5. Exercise DVDs or CDs–shop around for exercise dvds that fit your lifestyle with exercise you really enjoy, whether yoga, pilates, kickboxing, dancing, or any other form of exercise.


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