Dealing With Diabetes – The Horror

First a little introduction about me and this horrible disease called diabetes.

My Mother was a diabetic as was most of her siblings. She passed away at 49 years old from Cancer.

My father found out that he was diabetic at age 65 , he retired and began to treat it with pills and eating habits.

I became a diabetic in the year of 2007 so I am not new to this disease at all, I did a good job controlling it for many years and then one day I wanted to eat pie and cookies.

Its a struggle each day with food, what to eat and what not to eat. Your life is consumed with “How” to eat.

I can say that being a vegetarian and /or vegan was the best eating habits for me and my blood sugar stayed normal as long as I did not eat breads and avoided all honey and syrups.

Then one holiday season I thought “just a couple months off this way of eating wont hurt.” It did! That is when it began and I could not get my blood sugar to stay down. I went on a pill.

Its been one year now and I have got off one pill and onto another, next its add one more drug. So I am taking two pills. And that was when things changed.But not for the good …..

No matter if I am on medication or not my blood sugar is normal in the day as I am very active but my mornings I have a higher reading. I took the medication and it was not long till I found out what a blood sugar of 40 felt like, I called this white out. Everything turns white right before I almost pass out.

When I take these pills I have to live in the kitchen, eating all the time. If I am driving I am having to poke my face with candy or something sweet to jack it back up. This is NOT healthy. I feel awful when it goes up and down, I have to go to bed when I have the choice.

A few weeks ago I cut my medication down , slowly, I am on one half the recommended dose. I do have to eat carbs to keep it from dropping to low. This week I eliminate one pill altogether.

I am doing excellent as long as I stay on the vegetarian diet. That will be my new way of life for good.

I go back for a three month check up in January and I will discuss how this medication has almost killed me more than once and I will see what the test tells me and the doctor about how much sugar is still in my blood, this A1C test.

I need to find my balance in life and I am heading in the right direction by knowing what is bad and good to put in my mouth.By Andria Perry

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Written by Andria Perry

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