Day 2 of Invisalign Life

Wednesday, 7.22.20

I had watched some videos of Youtubers who have had invisalign to prepare me for this experience. Although most of them have much worse issues because most never had braces before and they were fixing messed up teeth, I understand what they are saying. Most had painful experience and lots of soreness. So far, I haven’t experienced any pain with my first pair. They seem comfortable and fit my teeth like a glove. But they are are to take out, in which I understand now why most people who wear them don’t want to bother eating anything to avoid the struggle of taking them out. I also understand why most people call it the Invisalign diet. When you do eat, you need ot be careful what you eat, avoid hard and chewy foods, as well as sugary food and junk food. But when wearing them, I can only drink water. I need to drink more water anyway. Therefore, I can eat my usually veggies and fruits, but I have to avoid the hard and chewy foods that I sometimes eat. I have to wear them for 22 hours per day. In the beginning, while getting used to taking them out, I am considering skipping lunch to avoid this struggle. I will just eat a good breakfast and good dinner. 

I hope taking them out become easier. For now, I will avoid eating out, although I rarely eat out anyway.


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