Coconut oil is ‘pure poison:- American Professor

Karen Mitchell, professor of health at the University of Harvard, revealed in her recent video that coconut oil is not healthy but it is a poison. Professor Karen Mitchell has warned in a video lecturer shared on YouTube that Coconut oil is not useful but it is like any poison that can make a bad impact on human health. The American professor did this amazing discovery and revealed in her video lecture on ‘Coconut and other nutrients.’

Karen is also director of the Department of Immunization in Germany in Freiburg university and facing severe criticism coconut oil-related statement in her video. American professor also presented food charts and other evidence regarding her research. She explained that coconut oil is very high in the amount of saturated fatty fat which is poisonous for health.

The types of fat include  “LDL” as well. Which is known by the medical experts as “bad cholesterol” Because this is the fat that gums the inner surface of the veins and tightens them and hindering blood flow is also due to many diseases.

On the other hand, Professor Alice Lectonson, Professor of Food Science Department of the University of Tift ,  responded to Professor Karen’s “Disclosure”. that there is no data or scientific evidence based on which Coconut oil can be poisoned, however, coconut oil may be harmful for heart patients and should be used in limited quantities.

The american Organization for heart disease  has also declared the use of coconut oil in the dish to damage the heart. The amount of fat in coconut is very high, and medical experts forbid taking more than 6% of the fatty saturated in one day. while the amount of chopped coconut oil in is up to 80 percent.


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    • Yes , this is the biggest Issue, every man is confuse since we see daily something new, like this one , I have heard and read in different article even from doctor that coconut oil is very beneficial but today , It says that its a poison….huh

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