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Canvas over our heads

Canvas over our heads

What about heaven that has not already been said?

Each sunrise is different.

With different colors depends on what mood the clouds rise.

I do not have to go outside to see the sky.

He gives me the view every second of the year.

It is a privilege to live in a 6th floor.

Only with the mountains in front and the wide sky in my head.When we are lucky we have good weather, the skies and the sunset are usually beautiful.With clouds that are dyed in colors, from pale yellow to intense red.And the sky maintains its blue tones.On those occasions you do not envy the sunsets of those exotic places.Full of color and seas.

Since you can imagine thousands of different worlds.Sometimes few the sky does not have clouds.Just pieces of them and on those occasions it seems that the sky draws stripes to play with colors ..Other times a solitary cloud stands out in the sky.Alone in the middle and makes you ask.Why are you alone there planted with those striking contrasts?Have you escaped from your sisters?Or do they not speak to you because they are different?Be for whatever it is if the whim of nature.Or how misunderstood you feel.It is a pleasure to see it.

Here in the north, sometimes my sky is gray, so gray that clouds do not differ from the sky, without texture or color, only gray.That’s not a nice sky, because when it’s like that, the only thing it tells us is:Take out the umbrella today I’m going to tease you and cry all day.If it bothers us, but at the same time it makes our landscape something that we hardly value.The color green. Vitality green.Green of promises that we will not have drought.That the plants will grow vital and cheerful.

Many skies, many clouds, lots of beauty to contemplate.To dream, to wish, to laugh and cry.

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