Benefits of Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are important sources of vitamins and other bioactive compounds in the food we eat and eating about five or more servings of vegetables and fruits a day is very much recommended since it is associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also recommended that all people should try to eat at least four or five servings of vegetables or fruits of different varieties on a daily basis.

It may appear to be too many and not possible. But it is not so, if we consider the various ways in which we can consume these foods, such as salads, juices or eat them as a snacks. In addition to providing excellent nutrients to our body, consuming vegetables and fruits helps us to reduce the risk of diseases, among other things. If you do not know the benefits that vegetables and fruits provide your health, here are a few interesting facts.

Carrots are good for dysentery and chronic diarrhea. It eliminates bacteria in the intestines that causes poor digestion. It treats digestive disorders including excess acidity in the stomach, dissolves accumulations such as tumors or stones, stimulates the elimination of waste, improves the function of liver and the lungs. It is alkaline and clears the acidity in the blood including rheumatism, acne and tonsillitis. It is pro vitamin and a rich source of beta carotene (antioxidant).

It is good for deafness and infections of the ear and also protects against cancer. It regulates hormones and the beta-carotene heals burns if its juice is applied directly on the wound, relieves cough and benefits the skin. You can eat six ounces of carrot daily for any of the above mentioned conditions or drink two cups of carrot juice daily. The carrot soup helps children in their digestion.


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