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Be your own best friend

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“If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

When we look around ourselves, we see masses of people. family, friends, colleagues, friends, acquaintances and whatnot but sometimes in midst of everyone it is very easy to feel lonely.

You can feel as if there is no one you can talk to, no one who can understand what you are thinking or going through. No one with whom you can share your sorrow or joy or even any news.

It is not the fault of those around you. Life is just like that. People get busy in their own lives. sometimes what matters to you does not matter to them. What you consider momentous is of little consequence to them.

Instead of relying on people to make you happy, it is best to be your own friend. Smile at yourself in the mirror. consider your own company precious. Even if someone does not have time to be happy or sad with you, give your own self good company.

If you are sad, try to pick yourself up. If you are happy, rejoice and hug yourself.


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