Anti-Aging Methods: Plastic Surgeries Or Natural Supplements?

Friday, March 13th, 2020

I checked out one video about anti-aging, and I thought this plastic surgeon is interesting. So, I ended up watching two more videos, where he continue to explain some changes in celebrities plastic surgeries that were overdone and made them look quite scary. 

And, what’s even scarier, I posted this here on Friday the 13th…

#1 Case Study 1: Christie Brinkley

Case Study 1: Christie Brinkley

This video displays Christie at 25, 58, and 66 to display the changes in her face over the years. Besides wearing more makeup as she ages, her facial features appears to be different as she gets older. She looks most natural when she was 25. But she really looks good when she was 58. (That was my actual look when I was in my 20s, but I have dark hair and dark eyes).  At age 66, she kind of looks like Tammy Bakker. She looks like she is trying too hard to look young. A part of her aging is having 3 kids, who are now adults.

#2 Case Study 2: Other Celebrities

Case Study 2: Other Celebrities.

Other celebrities with plastic surgeries. I think they just overdid it when they aged because they are making a lot money and they can afford to do many things to change their look. They should have only done small and simple changes.

Courteney Cox looks scary with her plastic surgeries because it makes her look dark and witch-like.

Yeah, I have always noticed that Priscilla Presley looked like she had too much Botox in her face. Her face looks too stiff, like a robot, and she cannot even smile normally, which makes her look stoic.


What do you think?


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