After Abuse – 85

In the previous article I recounted the story of Nick, an Abuser, and his ex-wife Simone who is a lawyer.

Nick who was experiencing legal problems contacts Simone.  But gives her very little to go on.

Simone, who knows Nick, who knows he is consulting her to have her ‘fail’  (by not giving her all the facts) takes no action, wastes no time on his ‘McGuffin’.

This is because in the earliest days, when they were divorcing, she had drafted the Divorce Petition.  He had ‘read’ it, and then said;  “This has you smelling like Roses”.

Simone had done a  standard divorce, using the legalese that Nick would be unfamiliar with.

He had appeared to read it, then  made a small smile which she had seen before.

Instead of taking the document and filing it he took it to a pricey law firm.  He paid them to do his divorce.  The  final document was identical to the one Simone had drafted.  

Nick paid a great deal for the divorce which could have been done for free.  

But, to let Simone handle it, would be a ‘loss’.  To pay huge sums to a law firm was, in his mind, a ‘win’.


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