After Abuse – 84

The major reason why Abusers are so successful is that they dispense with logic.  One can not believe that the Abuser would do a particular act because he would lose benefits if he did.

Since it is illogical that someone would sabotage his own situation one assumes that is not what the Abuser is doing. There has to be another reason.

That assumption is why Abusers are successful.

For example;  Nick was married to Simone.  Simone is a lawyer.

Nick married again and his current wife is divorcing him and making all sorts of demands.

Nick contacts Simone. Instead of Nick giving Simone all the facts, he will simply ask her about a case.

Simone has no idea why Nick is asking about that case, nor what relevance it has to his situtation.

As Simone knows Nick, survived Nick.  Moved on from Nick.  She knows that Nick has not given her all the facts so that she can not properly advise him.   As she knows the purpose of the exercise is not to protect Nick’s rights but for her to fail, she does no more than send him a copy of the case.


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